Save the Environment!

November 25, 2006 - One Response


This category will periodically offer ways to…well…save the environment. Hopefully, they’re not eco-crazy ways, but things the average person can do. (For instance, the average person cannot sell all their possessions and live in a hut in Costa Rica for the rest of their lives, living off the land and eating only things that died naturally. Because that’s insane.)

But, the Top Five things the average person can do to reduce global warming are:

1.) Drive less. If you’re going to the store, take your bike, get some exercise, and enjoy it. Or, carpool to work. Or take public transportation. But every bit helps.

2.) Save on energy bills by buying energy efficient appliances, and keeping your furnace and air conditioner in proper running order. This is cool because it protects the environment and saves you money. Yahoo!

3.) Buy food produced locally. Yes, shipping food does use greenhouse gases. Support your local economy by purchasing locally grown food…which reduces shipping waste.

4.) Plant a tree. Or a few trees. Or, better yet, go to and calculate your carbon footprint over a year. THEN, plant enough trees to erase it. Plus, if you’re a numbers geek, it’s kinda cool to see how many trees you ought to plant.

5.) Ride a train. Seriously. Air travel burns more fossil fuels per person than any other form of transportation. So, while you may still want to take that trip across the country, do it the old-fashioned way. The journey is half the fun, right?